1) What is the difference between a DISTRIBUTOR and a MANUFACTURER? A distributor is someone like Grainger or ULINE. THEY buy film from US (a manufacturer of films) and THEY increase the price 4x – 10X and re-sell OUR plastic to YOU. www.ParisPlastics.com is a manufacture of Plastic Films and Food Grade films. Our price is based on resins & traded on the stock market at the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) (which is why you save money from a manufacture, as oppose to a distributor or a retailer, which charges up to & more than 100% over MSRP)


2) How do you handle shipping of this item? We ship our Evolution Machine in a steel cage via regular LTL carriersfrom our closest warehouse to your warehouse -but sometimes we may need to ship it from one of our warehouses across the country - the machine takes up 8 spots on the floor of semi-trailer truck.  We always ship prepay and additional machine deals are never prepaid.


3) What would you need to make the transactions of the Plastic Wrap? Normal order processing prepayment of funds would be needed before shipping. We accept ACH (your bank transfer – to our bank transfer) which is a quickest, safest, fastest & NO FEES. Company checks are converted to electronic checks and have a 10-day clearance hold (or you may drop-a-check to any Bank of America over the counter, in any state in the US. Credit cards will incur a 3.9% upcharge. We do not accept COD. Bitcoin digital currency or Apple pay will be accepted at the end of 2020.


4) How far a distance can you ship the Free Machine?  We can ship anywhere in the contiguous 48 states.  If we happen to have a machine closest to you and film available we can always ship from there, BUT that is not always an option. We try to ship from our closest warehouse to your warehouse -but sometimes we may need to ship it from one of our warehouses across the country


5) What lead-time do you need to pull the Evolution from stock & the 5 skids that go with it? Typical lead-time varies between a few days up to 20 days to ship & depends on the clearance of funds. How long typically does a truck take throughout different final shipping points thru the USA? Typically, from east coast to west coast it can take up to 10-20 days transit time. Sometimes a little less.


6) Does Paris Plastics keep the Evolution in stock at your warehouse & what about the pallet wrap? Yes, on the standard Evolution that utilizes the WXP31 Prestretched Machine Film, we always have machines on hand and the WXP31 film we try to keep on hand, with a minimal lead-time of 3-5 days--- for example we have 32 machines available right now and over 3800 rolls available to ship. The Evolution Program is a company wide program that every sales rep (over 500 of us) follows with set pricing.


7) Who sets up the Evolution at the Warehouse? Our Evolutions are considered a "plug and play" No special power outlets, just take out of the steel cage-- follow the label directions- lift and move the crate.  Bolt down the base, lift the tower and place a pin to keep the tower in place, connect a few wires, plug it in and get started.  Our Evolution machines come with a manual to get started. Any basic maintenance employee should be able to get the machine up and running.  Any questions, they can always call our 800 number and speak with our maintenance supervisors and we can walk them through systematically.


8) What about parts? The machine has a 1-year parts replacement warranty.  Your follow up order can be 40 rolls, pre-paid shipping (we pay shipping), manufacture-pricing, with FREE Roles included in every order & we will also continue to extend the parts replacement warranty for as long as you have the machine at the original location.


9) Damages in shipping? Damages during transit is the end-user’s responsibility to document and note any issues upon receiving the machine into their inventory.  I cannot stress this enough!  IF the end-user receives & signs for the machine and does NOT document any issues, it is considered delivered "free and clear" then they are receiving it in as is.  I would tell each one of the end-users to take the receiving of this machine in as serious as possible, (DO NOT give the responsibility to a warehouse associate, this is a $14,000 machine) look it over and make sure there are no dents or broken parts anywhere on the cage. The best thing that they can do is take pictures all the way around the cage and always sign the BOL as - CONTINGENT UPON FURTHER INSPECTION.  This clause should always be used.


10) Please confirm that the pallet-wrapping machine works with black wrap.  I know some machines require an eye sensor upgrade for black wrap as the standard sensor will not read the black.

BLACK (or any colors) works at $59 per roll – Clear film is $49 per roll at the current commodity price.


11) Would we be able to have the pallets delivered over time or do ALL of the 5 skids have to be shipped at once? ALL 5 pre-paid and delivered at one time. including machine ( it’s too expensive for us to ship in segments and much too complicated with paperwork)

12) Currently one of our warehouses are using Black Stretch Wrap, Gauge 80, Width 20” 5000’ per roll Machine wrap.  Do you provide that same style of wrap?  How is your wrap different or better then what we are currently using? Please go to www.ParisPlastics.com to learn the difference it’s a science.

13) Does this machine auto pre stretch the wrap or is it a manual pre stretch? The machine stretches it to 270% and leaves maybe 5% remaining stretch. Hand Film leaves behind 100% since most warehouse employees cannot humanly stretch film super-tight all daylong (which is a waste of valuable film & money) Pre-stretch film has been stretched near its breaking point. The film is pre-stretched to approx. 90% at the factory, which is why the film has thinner gauges than traditional film. The manufacturing process of pre-stretch film allows for time & money saving benefits


14) If I calculated this correctly at $49 per roll 40 rolls per skid and 5 skids that is a total of $1,960.  Is tax extra?  Is there any shipping costs? $1,960 per skid. NO TAX with cert or re-sale certificate. No shipping. 1 roll will get 3x the length - so you are buying a stated 6,000 ft. which will get you (stretched to an amazing 1,800 feet approx. per roll) saving you money.

15) We would like a pallet jack ramp as well.  Is the cost for that is $525 plus $100 handling charge?  Does the ramp work with electric pallet jacks as well or just manual jacks? Ramp works with pallet jacks - no need for the ramp if you have an electric total cost is $625 extra.


16) Who can call for more information? Please contact (call or text) 585-484-7010 Northeast Division or

561-686-0000 Continental US, or Email us: info@ParisPlastics.com or Website: www.ParisPlastics.com

Free Pallet Wrap Machine

Increase your company assets with a Free Pallet Wrap Machine on US.

One free machine per location, MSRP $12,900, New in crate, One-time serice roll purchase required.