Manufacturing cost-effective pallet wrap



Helping you cut costs in an inflationary environment



  • We manufacture our pallet wraps and we now are allowed by law to sell direct-to-consumer. This means substantial savings for you and your warehouse operations. The trade-off is that we're (corporate) is NOT able to sell individual cases. ( Yes! we have reps that will sell individual cases to you, but its not common ) Its much more paperwork to sell one case at a time, then it is to sell 1 full pallet. We prefer to sell skid ( full pallet orders ), plus this is the only viable way for you to save around 60% ( depending on the products you choose to purchase )
  • 92% of Warehouse managers are over-paying for their pallet wrap by 4x - 10x... In an inflationary environment as we have seen in 2021.. It would be very wise for you and your company to keep expenses low. 






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