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Back in early March, 2020 at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the plastic industry and manufacturers such as ours announced a Pilot Program, code-named, "Project Plastics", which called for 20% of our company's employees to work from home, It was a bold initiative to test in a world that seemed to be falling apart at the edges due to the scare of the virus. We were at the forefront of the remote-work movement that quickly expanded across our manufacturing plants and distribution centers across America. About 8 months later, our CEO Kevin Michaelsen required close to 90% of our sales representatives, marketing departments and Human Resources continue working remotely. It was essential to have our warehouse employees continue working from from their warehouses, in order to ship out products to our customers. Leading by example, Michaelsen and other senior executives returned to the office over the summer, requiring the same of all employees. Unfortuately, the same week a return to actual workplace order was made, an employee in one of our warehouses contracted COVID, putting a halt to the mass return to work order that was just announced. 


FAST FORWARD: We are now in May 2021, and we have outlined the new terms for new employees, sales reps and digital marketers. Warehouse workers are now back to normal, and we are allowing a hybrid work remote model. These decisions depend on the actual role of the our reps and marketers and what is optimal for our customers. We will extensively monitor, analyze and listen to our employees and customers for feedback. 


Stephanie Michelles. 



DIGITAL MARKETING: This position is remote and

requires posting of our products/prices to any medium/internet across all 48 states in the US. NO BENEFITS, Residuals additional quarterly/monthly. ALL orders will be drop-shipped, No PO orders will be required by you. You simply post ads.

INCOME: Approx: $32 ( 1 ad x 48 states ) $1,500 daily or approx: $368,000 per year. Paid November vacation until January 5th.

OUTSIDE SALES REPRESENTATIVE: We specialize in the design, manufacturing, sales & support of a variety of pallet wrap products in the US, Ireland, Mexico, Canada and South America. Paris Plastics ( US Film & Foil ) is an innovative, transitioning company that is moving towards a technology company, utilizing AI, IoT & robotics in order to lower the cost and expenses to millions of customers who require our products in order to ship their products. Residuals are additional based on your sales.


EXPERIENCE ; Strong math & premium in person service

TEXT RESUME: 585-622-4429

EMAIL resume: careers@parisplastics.com. Job: 58524

What is Pallet Wrap?

What is pallet wrap?

Pallet wrap is exactly what it sounds like - a type of plastic film that can be stretched, either by hand or wrapping machine, around a pallet. Pallet wrap ( stretch film ) is most often used to secure goods for transportation, For example, it can be used in wrapping machines, which we give away for free to our customers to ensure the wrapped load is tightly secured to the pallet, reducing the chance of breakages and other damage to your products in transit. It protects millions of dollars in value across the US and the world. The industry is worth $27,000,000,000 billion dollars per year. Now that's a LOT of plastic - and yes! it all gets recycled & re-used.


Who is Paris Plastics?

Paris Plastics is owned by it's corporate name. US Film & Foil, LLC. Since COVID-19, we have had to re-think the way we employ and hire new employees, contractors, engineering, human resources and warehouse workers. After months of debate.... We think we have a viable solution to the "remote work at home, work-life" dilemma. 


What if I'm not a salesperson type of person?

The answer to this question depends entirely on  you, your personality, your aggressive or passiveness. The "salesperson" typical role is changing. In the 1950's to the late 1990's working at a corporate 9-5 job was normal, Picking up the phone to talk to customers was normal - but not anymore. Now it's all about mass marketing, zero-sum incomes (money in-money out ) and pricing. Customers still insist on quality - but pricing will always be the primary reason why someone buys from you.


What can I expect working for your company?

We offer a platform to allow you to work any time you wish. PT, FT, TEMP, FREELANCE, W9 or 1099 independent. There is no boss, no clocking in/out and no office politics. If you truly know how to market on-line digitally , and post nationwide in the US, The income can be astronomical, because of the power of numbers. If you want to try us out - we don't need any personal information from you, except your email, in order for you to get paid. It's totally up to you how much or little you wish to work. You are not required to write purchase orders, calculate shipping, or even call back customers. We do all the back-office on behalf of your marketing efforts and sales. We drop-ship everything straight to the customer, and you get paid for this, Plus you get residuals on all follow-up orders. The power of multiplication is amazing. It's EXACTLY how the founder of Amazon became the richest man in the world. 


Can you give me an example of a typical paycheck I can receive?

Let's say you live in San Diego, CA and put your marketing expertise to work, wether it's Alibaba, Amazon, Social media or a host of B2B sources ( Business to business ) You primary contacts you would be marketing to can be broken down into 7 traunches ( segments or sections ) those include: Warehouses, Distributors & manufactures, Retailers, Import/Export companies, Shipping, Trucking and Logistics. ALL of these categories have thousands of sub-categories... such as restaurants, food services, fisheries, farms, meat processors, frozen vegetables, furnitures and auto parts, etc. You market to ALL of them, in every state in the US and work you way up to getting around 48 orders per day ( or 1 order per state from businesses that MUST buy pallet wrap, at a discount ( since we're a manufacturer ) otherwise THEY cannot ship their products to where it needs to get to. So in this example: if you write 48 orders x $32 per order = $1,500 per day income for you, in your checking account. This is only 1 order PER STATE, there are 48 states in the US, and we do NOT offer free freight to Alaska or Hawaii. 


What qualifications do I need ?

Because the world is moving so fast now, and technolgy is moving even faster... Some people are good at EXECUTION and follow up... while others procrasinate endlessly.  You MUST follow through, be somewhat motivated, learn about packaging, know graphic design, learn about pricing, margins, CRM's and competion, know B2B marketing ( trust me, your next door neighbor does NOT need pallet wrap, but they MAY work for a warehouse) that likely uses pallet wrap. Later on...you can hire other tech people, excel geniuses, algothims writers, software automation and script writers. The income you earn is based on you, your merits and your abilities. You post, get sales and get paid!