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 $11,600 Month 

Digital Marketers and National Sales Reps

Times have changed since COVID-19. At Paris Plastics, we understand how difficult it is to expect the overall workforce in the US to work 9 hours/day for 20 years, just to retire hopefully at 65 with a full-benefit pension. We have put into place a retirement stragedy in which you can retire within 6 years with full monthly residuals. The work day & week is flexible, there are NO quotos, education- college degrees, no bosses or politics. We are a merits-based, results-driven company with simple requests so that everyone can prosper long-term.  We require 3 things and surpringly.. n most cases, people have trouble with them. Most people keep procrastinating until they REALLY have to start.  


                                                                                  3 REQUIRED ASSETS:

1)  Self-discipline ( the ability to make yourself do things, you know you should do - when you don't want to )

2) Self-motivation ( Def:  " the general DESIRE and willingness  of someone to do something)

3) Self-execution ( Definition:  the carrying out AND putting into effect of a plan, or course of action ) 


These qualities are not teachable.  It also takes a great attitude ability to take rejection. talking to clients, educating customers, cost-accounting, B2B costs-analysis, digital marketing

As a result of COVID-19 our work at home base is now over 50%. It turns out that it’s good for our business and in turn, good for you. Since our employee, insurance & facility costs are lower, this transfers more income to you..with more monthly income and year-end bonuses and more flexibility!

Our customer base is spread out amongst thousands of industries, some of which you would never even think of such as lobster and fisheries, plant and tree nurseries, recycling plants, landscaping and mulch industries. 


  • Schedule Flexibility. ...
  • Starting pay with no experience in Sales or digital marketing $5,000 per month
  • Mental Health And Wellness Benefits. ...
  • Increased Online Presence. ...
  • Additional Cybersecurity. ...
  • Profit-Sharing, Stock, Warrants 7 residual income
  • Faster & shorter term work careers/ retirement portfolio's
  • Retirement with US Film & Foil, can be as short as 6 years
  • Need for centralized communication.
  • The emphasis on work-life balance.
  • Investing in employee well-being.

Average Monthy Incomes

Contact: George Franklin, Human Resources  585-622-4429

Accelerate your earnings and digital career

Updated June, 2021

EBAY LISTER: Experienced: $14,648 , No Experience: $561 per month


Income Data compiled May, 2021

CRAIGSLIST (and other non-verifiable classified sites): Experienced: $974 , No Experience: $832



FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE: Experienced: $4,871 , No Experience: $2,302 per month


ALIBABA: Experienced: $24,013 Month, No Experience: NO DATA


SHOPIFY: Experienced: $18,344 Month, No Experience: NO DATA


HUBSPOT: Experienced: $34,275 MONTH , No Experience: NO DATA


AMAZON: Experienced: $44,293 month , No Experience: $1,944 per month


GENERAL B2B ad web placement: Experienced: $15,882 Month , No Experience: $6,912 per month


Benefits working for US


If you're a customer-obsessed person and would enjoy distributing our products - this is the idea opportunity for you. As an owner, you'll be fully responsible for marketing and selling. Access to Paris' exclusive manufacturing discounts on a suite of products & services allows you to be profitable immediately. We provide the back office, purchase orders and drop-shipping to streamline your operations.

Successful Distributors can expect:

Startup costs:

Annual Revenue Potential:

Annual Profit Potential:

$0 NONE until Sept, 2021

$1.5M - $6M

$275,000 - $1.7M