Technology-advanced cost-effective pallet wrap






Paris Plastics offers a wide-variety of manufactured in-house pallet wraps, films, foodservice aluminum foils, take out food trays and meat films to warehouses, import, export companies, food distributors, restaurants, trucking, shipping and logistical companies. Powered by artificial intelligence and behavioral economics, Paris' full inventory of supplies and products includes over 3,000 items that are required by these companies and more in order to safely package, wrap and secure products in transit throughout the US. We are aiming towards zero-paperwork for our team of over 7,500 sales representatives and instant everything. We have plants in the US, Mexico, Toronto, South America and Ireland. 


  • Pallet Wrap
  • Free Pallet Wrap Machines
  • Pre-streched Pallet wrap
  • Meat & Deli Film
  • Farm Wrap
  • Cost Control Management
  • Pizza Pop up Foil Sheets
  • Cutterbox Aluminum Foils
  • Cutterbox Foos Film
  • Machine Wrap Film
  • Caterering Trays, and Lids


We can work with you and provide solutions to save your company moneyi. There are no contracts or terms to worry about. Please call Stephanie Michelles : 585-622-4429 to speak about cost-reduction in your warehouse. Thank you.