Manufacturing cost-effective pallet wrap






Paris Plastics offers a wide-variety of manufactured in-house pallet wraps, films, foodservice aluminum foils, take out food trays and meat films to warehouses, import, export companies, food distributors, restaurants, trucking, shipping and logistical companies.


Our website is primarily used as a digital brochure, as most purchases are now down through our app, easy and conviently. We are a self-serve website and mobile ordering company. Powered by artificial intelligence and behavioral economics, Paris' full inventory of supplies and products includes over 3,000 items that are required in order to safely package, wrap and secure products in transit throughout the supply chain in US. We are aiming towards zero-paperwork for our team of over 7,500 sales representatives and instant everything. We have plants in the US, Mexico, Toronto, South America and Ireland. 


  • Pallet Wrap
  • Free Pallet Wrap Machines
  • Pre-streched Pallet wrap
  • Meat & Deli Film
  • Farm Wrap
  • Cost Control Management
  • Pizza Pop up Foil Sheets
  • Cutterbox Aluminum Foils
  • Cutterbox Foos Film
  • Machine Wrap Film
  • Caterering Trays, and Lids


We can work with you and provide solutions to save your company moneyi. There are no contracts or terms to worry about. Please call Stephanie Michelles : 585-622-4429 to speak about cost-reduction in your warehouse. Thank you.

Changes in Hiring Practices:


Paris Plastics offers many positions including warehouse jobs, deliveries, sales and marketing, and research and investment trading & commodities. ( Resin is our primary product in the manufacturing of pallet wraps, as is aluminum ( in the making of our food-services restuarant products ) The COVID  pandemic has caught us from behind, which we were not prepared for & since then drastic changes in employment have arose. Since we are a digital-marketing company, the actual work day has shrunk between the primary hours of 10 AM- 3:00 pm and generally Monday - Thursday. Its very difficult to get someone to actually answer a phone, even if that customer placed the initial order, by making a call to our company. People have a very low tolerance, and people want "NOW" therefore we needed to make substantial changes on how we place customer orders. 


Since the world is changing, Incomes are changing, remote work is changing, attitudes are changing in the work fields we have inspired to become the number #1 company to allow our employees to work they way they feel is best for them & the company. We believe we have the solutions that will fit the needs of our employees. The largest advantage we have as a company is that we manufacture a product that is REQUIRED by virtually every industry, warehouse and retailer. You cannot ship a product without first wrapping it up securely, at which time, it can be delivered, undamaged by trucks throughout the USA ( and the world ) Secondly, We are national and international, we are not local, a local business.. will result in local income. National businesses will result in huge incomes. Any type of volume sales = big income for you. Other naional volume businesses include: the stock market, commodities, cardboard, Food, Fruit, packaging ( pallet wrap ) software, apps, glass bottles, banks, mortgages, adhesives and oil gas and electrical, solar and wind services.


The salesman job is dead:

Nobody wants to pick up the phone today, research has shown people WILL pick up the phone on the 1st attempy you make for only 3 reasons : 1) Money is owed to them 2) a sexual encounter 3) a family emergency.  Thats it!  There is NO reason why anyone is willing to speak to a sales rep ( even if they CAN save you millions of dollars! NO ONE CARES TODAY. Thats the reality of it. Time is much to valuable to listen to a salesperson. Humans are simply too bust, too stressed out, and everybody wants everything NOW! Instant Everything ( IE. ) There is no way, in todays automation world that humans will voluntarily want to work 8 - 12 hours shifts


We offer a substantial package including lifetime residual income

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